“I learned more in one week with Tod, than I learned in my entire two years of my A level course at school.”
Eleanor Hearder, LCC Undergraduate


“Sir William Nicholson - a fine artist - told me often that it was easy to put on the paint if you know where to put it.”
Sir Alfred Munnings PRA (1878-1959)


“Real painters understand with a brush in their hand.” Berthe Morisot (1841-1895)


“Even an abstract form has to have a likeness.” Willem De Kooning (1904-1997)

The painting course structure

The Masterclass - for specialised interest

We hold Master Classes by artists who are distinguished in a specific field. The masterclass will take the form of an interactive demonstration of technique through the Master’s method and the classes’ response to it. This gives our students the opportunity to work alongside the artist as shared experience.
3rd to 10th April 2012 - Antony Bream, “Topographical landscape painting”


The Lifesaver Art Course - A complete immersion course

An opportunity to focus on the drawing and painting of the life model in movement and in repose. With over 40 hours a week of studio time in the life room under continuous expert tuition in a marvellous environment.
6th to 20th December 2011


Tour de Horse - a special painting course

After the success of the Masterclass in horse painting, for those with an equestrian interest we are running a class combining the painting of the horse. We will be revisiting the subject with additional chances to experience the different disciplines of equestrianism and for the riders amongst you the chance to ride some of our Carmargue models.
20th to 31st March 2012

The Portfolio Art Course - a diploma level course for those intending to enter into an Arts career

This highly successful, specialised intense ‘crammer’ course is a full course to be completed in a modular form, designed to equip the student to an Art School entry standard. This special course has been designed for those who might want to change direction in their further education following exam results in the summer as well as those wishing to enter Art Schools at higher levels. The course, of less than three months, will give students a basic portfolio to a standard for application to Art School. There will be at least 40 hours a week of tuition. The advantage of this is that, for less than a term’s fees at independent school, students can continue their gap year, perhaps continuing their studies on their own, having secured a place at Art School.
September 11th 2011 until 27th November 2011
3rd April 2012 until 12th of June 2012


Beginners Art Course - for the novice

For those who wish to study drawing and painting in a beautiful environment, eat well and have a fulfilling short break
12th of June 2012 until 19th of June 2012

All art classes are in English.