“Tod, thank you for your immense patience, inspiration, encouragement and brilliant tutoring. You have a very special ability not just in your own talent but enabling others to find theirs, a true gift. It was wonderful to see how you, while still giving us the methods, teased out each individual style and gave the room for them to expand and excel. My head and dreams have been spinning with painting ever since.... Kate, you are just amazing ... the cooking... well, all those clean plates and greedy expectant faces said it all. I have been trying to emulate some of it here but it is not quite the same. And cooking is only a small part, you are the mainstay and absolute core of all fun, producer and alchemist, making that special Academy Studios Abroad mix work. Huge huge thanks to you both.”
Jo, Lifesaver Course 2015


“Being and artist must be one of the best ways of passing life on this earth.”
Sir Henry Rushbury RA (1889-1968)


“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for.” Georgia O'Keeffe (1887-1986)

About us

Tod Ramos & horse

Tod Ramos

Claude Berry in his book “The Racehorse in 20th Century Art” described Tod as “the convivial extrovert Tod Ramos”, whilst Ken Howard RA describes him as “the most naturally talented painter I’ve ever met”. As well as attending The Royal Academy Schools as a postgraduate student, under the tutelage of Ruskin Spear, Robert Buhler and Leonard McComb, Tod is an eminent member of an artistic dynasty: ancestors, for generations on both sides of his family have distinguished themselves in the arts.
Raised in an artistic environment, he is fortunate to have been introduced to most of the major artists of the British art scene many of whom he counts among his friends.
He has taught and lectured on art at every level. He has been involved in several television productions as he is able to communicate his subject simply and clearly. As a master of all techniques in fine art he has a facility for conveying this knowledge with a rare ability to teach others clearly and without mystery so that they are able to develop their fundamental knowledge of painting techniques.

Tod museumBelieving that the foundation of all good painting, including modern art, is in classical techniques, Tod has a thorough knowledge of ancient processes and history of art. Past students have distinguished themselves in a wide variety of fields from tapestry to mural painting, portraiture to animal sculpture and watercolour, landscapes to apocalyptic modernism!
He has worked on educational publications including, “Watercolour challenge” (Channel 4) “The Art of Painting and Drawing”, with the late Stan Smith (Eaglemoss) in which his “masterclass” is frequently reproduced and more recently he has written on the etching technique of his Grandfather, Sir Henry Rushbury (“Henry Rushbury, Prints; Catalogue Raisonné” Royal Academy Publications 2010).
As a painter, he has a worldwide reputation and has exhibited on every continent. His source is life around him, his subjects are drawn directly from it.


Kate Lovegrove

Kate is an experienced mural painter and has completed commissions worldwide for restaurants, hotels, casinos, hospitals and numerous private clients. Her subjects are as varied as a 750 square foot map of Chicago to an Art Deco mural depicting Paddington station. She has completed murals for clients in Hong Kong, New York, Colorado, Kuwait, Japan and Azerbajhan as well as numerous projects closer to home. As well as painting murals in situ many are painted on canvas and installed on site, this technique enables the client to take their mural with them if they wish.
She especially enjoys painting trompe l’oeil evidence of which can be seen in parts of the house and garden in Aubais. Entertaining and cooking have always been part of life for Kate and fortunately both she and Tod share in this.


Kate Lovegrove